Orbital Technologies is a software house and providing Business Outsourcing solutions globally. Our enormously experienced and skilled team makes us stand out amongst our competition. We are specialized in most of the technologies exist in this vast online world. We have the capacity and resources to assist businesses of all sizes.

We work with our clients closely and help them grow and to achieve their goals. We assist businesses at every step. We start from conceptualizing to consulting, development and support. Orbital Technologies is aligned with your needs.

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Graphic and Web Designing is an integral part of your online presence. But most of business owners don’t pay attention to it. Overlooking the fact, that Advertising online and your Website presentation can produce remunerative results for your business. Good graphics are important at every stage of your marketing as it attracts and entertains your potential customers.

We believe branding is everything to attract clients. People are more interested in Brands because brands inspire their feelings. Businesses need to focus on their Logo, Flyers, Posters, Ads and all these needs Graphic Designing. That’s the reason for the importance of Graphic Designing and Web-Designing for a business that wants to be a Brand in a market. Your graphics are the first thing your customers interact with and these graphics should shout about your story.

Graphic and Web Designing is the best tool to lasts your impression. Orbital Technologies is focusing to set the tone for that impression.


At Orbital Technologies, we are offering detailed Web Development services for your business needs. A complete solution for businesses looking for Singe Static page Website, E-Commerce solutions or looking for Web-Application.

We have a range of unique and modern useful themes that can be customized to meet your requirements. We are focusing on boosting Web-Development process using CMS (Content Management System). These Templates provide businesses with an up-to-date platform and easy installation packages including basic web functionalities. We understand it’s a mobile-friendly world, all available themes are mobile friendly and fully optimized for mobile and other devices.

Orbital Technologies follows a detailed step by step procedure for your online presence. Some of the important steps are as follows;

  • Market and Competitors Research
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Choosing Platform
  • Hosting
  • Theme Picking or Designing
  • Development
  • Web Content
  • Project Delivery

We have a team of professionals working with the aim to serve our prestigious clients with our professional work. Have a look at our expertise;

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  • Business Websites
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Web Applications
  • HR Managment Systems (HRMS)
  • ERP/ERM Solutions
  • Custom Solutions
  • System API Development
  • Theme Designing


  • Native Application
  • Android Applications
  • IOS Applications
  • Window Mobile Applications


  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • My SQL
  • Mongo DB
  • PLSQL Integrations
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Game Development is the process of building video games from scratch. A process which leads your concept to reality or production. Our experts are up-to-date with the workflow and the know what they need to deliver and when and it helps to meet the timelines and budget.

The game industry is continuously evolving. And it requires a great team effort to develop a game that can meet users’ expectations. Usually, the game development process can be divided into 3 stages:

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • This is where most of the projects begin. Pre-Production is a process where we define and focus on what the game is about, why we should make this game, and our efforts required to give reality to our concept. In this process, we figure out answers to all these questions. We can spend a week or even it can take a year depending on the project type or resources we have.

    Production is the longest process. This process includes every character, environment, object, etc. Our team members make sure this process runs smoothly and each milestone is achieved. We have an exceptionally organized team with every skill required to develop your concept and change into an amazing game.

    Once Production is complete; we have a dedicated team for the Post-Production process. Our experts focus on maintenance or bringing new ideas to the game.


Business owners use different strategies to improve website rankings and to maximize user experience so they can make the best out of it. Generating inbound traffic to a website is the most effective and successful source of leads. A good ranking of your site on search engines can guarantee you high conversion or traffic to your website. SEO helps you to maintain top position on search engines which increases the trust factor among your clients and it lowers your advertising cost.


Don't have to pay for each click
24/7 Presence on first page of Search Engines
Attract 80% more traffic
Better User experience, Branding
High Search rankings make you more credible

Orbital Technologies makes sure that, our customers stay in the top positions of search engines results so they can be top players in the industry. We perform SEO in full compliance with Google Guidelines so that your website can easily be found on search engines in organic results and it stays there for a long time.

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The promotion of businesses via one or more forms of electronic media is trending. Digital Marketing is important for modern businesses. No matter if you are running a small business or you are providing services globally it helps you to compete with your competitors. Half of the world population is using the internet these days. This is why it’s easy for small companies to compete with multinational businesses. Digital Marketing helps businesses to market their services or products to a larger audience or in every nook and cranny of the world.

Digital Marketing helps you to track your audience. The days are over when it was difficult to keep records or outcomes of your marketing strategies. Through digital marketing, you can easily measure your audience as it provides an in-depth analysis of your marketing campaigns and you can track your marketing budget.


Market and Competitors Research
Building Strong Solutions to Compete
Choosing Platforms to Advertise
Targeting Audience and Conversions
Report Building

Orbital Technologies aim to provide reliable services to our clients and to give growth to their business. We create value for your brand by shouting about your services or products everywhere on the internet to give your business a hike. We understand your business needs, marketing strategies, and the audience you want to target. Orbital Technologies follows the appropriate strategies and methods to deliver the desired results to the business owners. We can help you in advertising your business in right way no matter you are a startup company or established, Service-based or selling products.


If you find someone, who can perform your task efficiently, better, cheaper than your competitors’ businesses should consider such a person or company. Because it’s better if you hire a professional for your professional work for better performance.

Businesses are outsourcing their tasks these days because technology has evolved and businesses can hire professionals who can work from anywhere in the world. Taking the first step toward outsourcing can be time-consuming, but figuring out how helpful this can be and how professionals can increase business efficiencies. Most of the business owners realize the benefits of outsourcing.

Orbital Technologies is offering the most cost-effective outsourcing solutions and specialized in Virtual Executive Assistants (Customer Care), HR Consultants, Bookkeepers, PR Directors, IT Specialists, and the list goes on. Our Services help customers to concentrate on their businesses or profits while we take care of hassles such as marketing, dealing with customers and to handle critical challenges. We are proud of our team and their efficiencies which help businesses to grow.

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